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From the "Seaons Greetings" Department

December 31st, 2008 (08:51 pm)

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Wishing everyone reading this a safe and happy New Year and a wonderful start to 2009. I know that this has been a rough year for a lot of you and, indeed, it has been a bumpy one for me as well. Here's hoping that 2009 will be a lot better.

I hope someone throws a shoe at this year on its way out. Of course, it's going to be one second longer. Because The Fates like to mock me.

Thomas Frank over at The Wall Street Journal has expressed a hope that 2008 will come to be known as the year that ended an illusion. Specifically the illusion among so many that the "invisible hand of the market" will ensure that all is for the best.

I'm still too much of a cynic to think it will be this easy. We can only hope that the financial meltdowns and economic stagnation of 2008 will start to make people realize that the notion of an all-knowing class of Wall Street barons who have earned their outrageous sense of entitlement by creating prosperity is nothing but a useless and destructive myth.

If this lesson is finally learned and if we really do come to understand that a society based on nothing more than an insatiable lust for profit has very ugly consequences, then maybe the financial pain so many people have felt this year will at least turn out to have a silver lining.

2009 will be a lot better. For myself, for my business, for my friends, for those I love, and for my country. This will be our year. I have to believe that.

Yes we can.

And with the end of 2008--a year that, for the most part, I'd rather forget--I'll be closing out this journal (although not deleting it). This will be my last entry here. Beginning tomorrow, I'll be moving over to my new one, dimensionm. See you all there.

Happy New Year everyone.


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